When travelers meet on their journey

When we meet our fellow travelers on our journey we call Life

There is something that connects us and binds us together.

Sometimes it is for a short while we walk together

Other times it is for a longer period of time, something

We call it a lifetime span.

Lovers meet each other along the path ways that the soul

Has set for them in order to create expansion as well

A truly Heartfelt renewal that will bring forth more love.

When we are aware of the way our souls meet

As ships sometimes on sea, sometimes with storms

Other times on tranquil waters we realize the importance


Of the meeting on a wide ocean of challenges at hand.

More and more the challenges are becoming a thread

Through which each traveler finds its connection

As a woven board that is being set out to follow

Playful as well intense, harsh as well uplifting.

We as travelers on our journey have a common fact

That makes the encounters presentable and timely.

Each of the travelers has a choice in the matter

What to do or how to proceed when the encounters

Take place in a spur of a moment, the connection,

From the heart soul and mind through the body

Creating a mental image that ignites the core issue

That lies hidden within the needed meeting on the journey.

Underlying topic will be Love at its core so to speak.

For that is what every traveler is seeking for during the

Lifetime spend on this material plane and existence

We call Earth, Mother, Gaia.

In this form every spark of Light will incarnate to fulfill

And meet his companions on the journey ahead.

Whatever issue or topic needs to be addressed,

The compass has been set on the right direction

As well the right time and moment they will meet.

So when travelers meet on their journey,

The message will immediately will be delivered

As well the need to give it a voice to be heard.

May we all remember the promises made to each other

When we meet our fellow travelers during this lifetime.

It would shed more light on every challenge that might be

Dealt with in order to restore the balance and love again.

When travelers meet on their journey fully aware

Of the reason and issue at hand that creates this meeting,

The experience will immediately change from fear into

Love, compassion, understanding, acknowledgement

As will be met with kindness and the roles will be played

As the promises were made to one another at hand.

And so it will be.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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