Rolling in the deep, alignment with your core

There is this space deep within yourself,

In the area of your heart as well your sacral chakra,

Where your gut feeling comes forth,

To be connected with the love that shines through

Your heart  to be a strong channel of light.

Whenever we come across a situation that brings up. (more…)

Emotions we were forgotten so to speak,

We are being drawn into this energy that represents

The experience of what has happened and wants

To come into the open and outwards.

You are able to feel with your channel that is

Connected between your  sacral and heart area,

What it is that needs to be addressed or recognized.

The happy emotions like joy and happiness are

Natural and coming through in a beautiful and

Filled with joy to bring up this memory.

The emotions connected with anger, or grieve,

With fear and abandonment, are harder to feel

In this present moment when it is been triggered

Through a similar event or experience.

We need to dig deep, rolling with the emotions,

So to speak, in order to allow the channel of light

And love you have established between your inner gut

As well your heart space in order to bring out

The energy that came through your whole being.

This channel will bring you the necessary strength

As well loving acceptance to learn to understand

What needs to be addressed still.

Not put down in this deep inner space where the

Light is dimmed and the love is harder to sense.

We have to be able to be rolling with the deep,

To create this healing process in order to bring

Back in the love and compassion for our self.

The deeper we can dive in to the stuck energy

That we keep hidden for ourselves, the more

We can bring it up into the light and love

Where it will be healed and cleansed,

So this inner space will receive more and more light

And will align with your inner core as it is

Represented by and through this channel of

Love and light when your sacral and heart energy

Spaces are working together as one to aid and assist

In your healing process, in every aspect of your soul

And personal journey you have undertaken.

The light within this deep hidden space will not only

Shine brighter and brighter, it also brings it out

Into the open awareness and consciousness.

So it is a deep inner well connection within

With sparkling and crystalline energy where

You will find your innate nature, which is

The I Am, fully aligned through your Heart

With your Soul in all its glory to bring in

This wonderful loving and healing energy into

Every cell of your being, remembering the

Knowledge and ancient lineage as well.

As you create as you were meant to,

Aware of your power, embodying your

Soul light and presence in physical form.

And so it is

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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