Reflections of the Heart

Today is about remembering and reflecting on a difficult and intense period in our lives. A lifetime came to an end after enduring pain, sorrow and suffering on many levels. Physical as well mental and emotional all the layers were shed until the raw beauty remained of a beautiful soul. Ready to return to his light body. Leaving behind in this transition his loved ones in the physical forms. It  took all your will to let go, even then not willing to leave those you love so much. There was the surrendering of your body, quiet and peaceful and letting go. Tranquility sensing within myself, knowing it was done. At peace with the transition to the other side.

During the following days challenges came rushing in day by day and every time I was wondering how you would have reacted. Especially when it was about boundaries and respect. Watching the patterns unfold again was painful to see for me. If any there would or should be a gathering around you filled with love and respect. I could not see through your love you felt for each of them in the place you were. I needed every inch of strength to find the middle ground within, creating my own inner balance without you by my side. Proud of you for enabling to be this loving magnet for your siblings as well family and friends. You were the center of it all and carried this through until the end with dignity and caring.


One year has passed since. Still sensing your presence as close to my heart, as I was aware of you in my heart center while living beside me. I see you in our children and grandchildren. I hear you in ways some are addressing each other with humor. Music is playing a major part in our connection during our lifetime and is actual still moving me to my core. Certain songs that were so significant for us to express our emotions being played on the radio. Catching my attention and connecting me immediately with you.  Does that expressed your feelings and emotions during the transition in your life and body. As well does that reflected mine, all I wished I could do for you to make it easier and bearable.

How I admire you for the way you carried your burden till the end. Breaking all walls down and getting naked in your inner center. Nothing left to be healed or cleared any longer at the end. You left this plane a free soul again, without any karmic bonds you chose to release this lifetime. The loop we made together, you are on the other side of the veil. That’s your thing you always said and I laughed, cause you were the counterpart, as spiritual in your essence as me. Different ways to show, different words to express. Yet so connected through your intuition and gut feeling. Sensing those energies we cannot see. Now you know, you told me so. Is it that easy to connect, wishing you knew that before.

Now you can shine your bright tall light on both sides of the veil. For those who can see, others that can sense or hear you. Watching this unfolding process over the past year where you touched in so many different ways how you were feeling. Peace and happiness reflecting in my heart space, between the inhale and exhale where you reside. Joy and bliss combined with a bright smile and tears as well. Your gifts to me in Nature, the presence of a heron out of the blue, or a couple of doves. Messages through the bird world you were so fond of. Walking outside on a grey day and the light of the Sun comes piercing through with me in the spotlight. Reflections on the water created by the Sun rays as a tall light being to let me know you are here.

So many ways to describe how this inner connections are expressed and so hard to explain at times to others. Time to grieve is different for everyone else, depending on beliefs as well. My inner reflections are gifts, which are holding me tall and strong, confident and feeling loved. No physical hugs or a glare across the room at each other. Yet my senses are opening up more and more, to get closer to your light body and essence again. Recognizing you by your energy as the unique being and soul you are. Now my life is enfolding here on the physical plane. This will be a challenge as well an experience to create the same loving inner-standing. My Heart will be my compass and you will be my guide.

And so it is.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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