Popcorn – what you put in isn’t what comes out

I was thinking about Popcorn and the way you can create with simple corn a lovely treat, either salty either sweet. It all depends on taste, doesn’t it? It is a lot like the way we use our own experiences through our day to day life. Challenges are triggering the to discover unknown seeds, in order to discover what it brings forth. Sometimes it feels like a microwave at times when we find ourselves deep into the emotional state which is connected. Every emotional state is connected with our mind as well our body. Sometimes things just pop up, out of the blue. Other times, we can create some space and time to ponder on what it is that needs to be uncovered. No more leaves to hide the seeds so to speak.


The moment I started to realize there are emotions triggered and there is a some kind of red thread connecting them. This was for me a way of sensing where I had to pay attention to, to become aware of the reason it popped up the way it did, or at which point in time. I remember when I came to this discovery, how much was connected and in-twined as well. Every event I came across which stirred the emotions, the good or the bad, brought up more knowledge. It isn’t always the easiest way to be focused and concentrated fully of the things you bring up. Because I know, that’s what I do. I seek those experiences, that will create a way to connect or reconnect with the seeds that are still lingering in my subconsciousness.

There are different kind of consciousness, the day to day awareness we all know. The intuition, the one we call our connection with our higher consciousness. Then there is the subconsciousness. The part within that is covered with so many layers. I used the metaphor of popcorn with a reason. Dealing with emotions, specially the ones holding anger and shame, are often covered with a lot of layers of denial, ignoring them. Or it explodes like an uncontrolled volcano, the temper which can be part of our design. Some of us are more stoical, while others have a temper, short fuse so to speak. It all comes with our souls journey and is connected with our explorations on our soul’s mission. Sometimes you think you know what to do and you put in the effort and it comes out in a totally different way.

Other times you don’t have a clue, just did something without thinking much about it, and it brought the most amazing experiences. Like popcorn, it isn’t always what you see is what you get. The more attention a negative energy receives, the more explosive it will react if its met with negativity. Now you could say this isn’t the case when you use an energy that is fiery as well sparkling, brilliant and bright. The outcome is something totally different. Anger withheld is a self-destructing kind of energy. It will bring harm, not just to someone else, it is as equally harmful to one self. Anger is bottled up sorrow most of the times. Yet there is a different kind of anger. The energy of the strict love energy, the righteous energy of truth and integrity. This sweeps everything aside that isn’t of any service any longer.

It is an energy controlled, coming forth out of love and dignity. It is coming from the fierce and bold ones who are brave enough to stand up for everything that is harmful. It is like a cutting sword as well a bright flame, clearing and cleansing everything that isn’t love. This deep felt fierce energy of love is only to be held by those who know how to use it. It is probably also a tool for the ones who want to benefit from fear and anguish as well, in a destructive and destroying way. Yet in itself, it is a neutral kind of Fire energy. The way it is used is been determined either through the highest love or the lowest destructive force of fear. Everyone of us knows the dangers if it is about fear, or comes from fear.

The force and energy that comes through the highest form of Love, unconditionally is always in order to restore, heal, clear and cleanse from any clutter remaining in our inner well, our inner source as a reflection of the highest Source. It is a kind of fire that is not coming with scarfs or burning wounds on the soul. It is a fire energy that not only kindles the sparks in our inner Heart, it rekindles everything that is for the highest good for every soul that comes across and in contact with. Because it spreads itself, through the Heart of Love in every person connecting the threads between hearts and soul awareness.

So we cannot see the seeds of Light that are maybe still hidden in our subconsciousness all times. We all understand the joy and the bliss, the peace and the surrendering that comes with every particle that is healing within. In every step we take on our spiral or path, taking of the layers of the onion, we are getting closer and closer to the point, where our subconscious will be no longer a hidden part of ourselves. The moment we are able to remove the clutter and bring out the essence of what was wounded, it is harvest time as well. Through the heat of the Highest Love Fire the layers will be burned down and the seed can come to full growth. In all its glory, bright and shining popping through the strains that held it in place. Coming to full fruition into the Light of one self, into the consciousness of the higher self as well.

It will nourish us, it will pop open the cocoon, like the way the butterfly comes through all the different stages into the openness. Like popcorn is corn heated up to bring a delicious sweet treat. Sweet or salty, like the tears that may well up. Tears for joy and pure bliss, salty tears, sometimes bitter sweet tears. Yet we are growing into this phase of our lives, that we no longer shy away for our beauty, no longer step back out of fear and hold our head high out of love, instead of looking down. Every act has a root cause, and every time you act there will be a reaction as well. The moment the root cause is cleared and only appears in love, the inner world will change massively as well the outer, for we are all connected with each other. It is all about how perceptions change and we are able to receive the gift of an unexpected outcome where Love is concerned.

And so it will be done

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