I love you – yet I don’t own you

Falling in love is like a free fall, you lose all your normal perspective just by looking at someone, each changes around you, you have trouble breathing normally, your heart pounds and you get butterflies in your stomach.

The feeling can be overwhelming, almost intoxicating, or it can be like a deep resonance, ringing in your ears and feeling the rhythm between two souls, beating as one.

And still aware of the distance and the differences, like jumping from an airplane into the abyss, roaring sounds in your ears into the silence while flowing on the wings in the air of Love. Sometimes with a little turbulence and hiccups, yet always feeling safe and protected, two souls united and accepting, acknowledging their unique differences which create a unique combination of love. And allowing isn’t the right word if you talk about freedom, it is more than that.

It comes from the place in your heart where you have respect, trust, love, joy just for Being who You are and in that seem to feel of Self Love giving freely of your Love, unconditionally and full of Light. No need to possess, just love, where you can say “I see You” – I Love You and all that You Are.

And so it is.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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