How to expand and release old templates

Many lifetimes you have experienced the deep connection

From the Source you came from through experiences and challenges

In order to establish a new way of expanding the love and light

You are in you deepest essence of being

Going back and forth in order to connect the deepest core

Of the crystalline core of Gaia with the highest form of source

Where form isn’t materialized as it is in the density of

Your present existence on this planet you call earth.

Every lifetime you have spent in order to evolve and expand

You were releasing your old templates and creating


A new life force through the connections with your soul family

Unique as you are in your imprint, you are part of a whole

Each with their capacities and qualities to accomplish

A new journey again to bring forth a higher frequency

Of love and light into the material world

By doing so all elements are being connected and enforced

As well with the revelations that brings forth the growth

As well the strength of the light vibrations in every cell

Of creation as well because all is entwined in this journey

You are never alone and it isn’t about you as you perceive

Through the human eyes with the ego and mindset

To bring forth the evolution in the human body experience

As well the heartfelt connection with all of nature

Each of you are part of this experience in either shape or form

To bring forth a new phase of the constant change

Of the highest possible form of creation

Crossing life times and playing in the field of light

You will connect past present as well future

In order to bring in the renewal in every part of your existence

Through the dimensions you are bringing in a higher

Version of yourself which has its impact on everyone

You are connected with through the lifetimes

As well the different relationships you had as part

Of this challenge you agreed to allow and experience

The density of this material plane including the light

Spark that you are in full alignment and integration

On the physical plane as well as a soul of light and love

Each step you made along the way and travelled

Through time lines are part of this evolution

Into the remembering as well the renewal of what

Was, has been and will come to be.

You will bring in a new template so to speak as a standard

For next generations to see and to be an example

For everyone who is in this journey together with you

To raise the vibrations of Love and Light within

This will create a next phase in the evolution of humanity

As well the world you are living in with a correlation

That is expanding and connecting in new ways

Not known to man before, setting a new template

In future generations to work with in order to raise

The frequencies even higher and the Love and Light

Even brighter as you can imagine.

And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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