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So what is it about anger, And what has Love got to do with it?

The Seat of the Soul

Is where the Inner World

And the outer World meat

–      Joseph Campbell

Dear one, there will come a time

you realize that every experience

Your Soul chose for you to have,

has always been for your highest good,

and filled with Love for you

to be able to bring in every aspect

that came with Duality and the choice

to learn through separation the Unity of One Self.


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What is it about the power of imagination

What is it about the Power of Imagination?

Do you know how unique you are being Human,

The only race on this beautiful planet we call Earth,

With the power of imagination.

The animal kingdom and Nature are not able

To imagine a different perspective like us.

In truth, the way we perceive our inner world,

Reflects the way we are able to use our imagination

Being limited to a certain way of thinking

Is also restraining the length or depth of it.

With an open mind you are able to see an expanded reality,

With an outcome we normally couldn’t imagine or

Make it come through as well.

The Power of Imagination is something that has

Brought forth a lot of inspirational messengers.


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